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guggenmos_bwWillibald Guggenmos received his first position as organist at the age of ten. He started his first musical training at the Conservatory at Augsburg, Germany and the Hochschule für Musik in Munich, where he earned a total of three master degrees, including Piano, Conducting and Organ.

From 1984 till 2001, he held a position as organist at St. Martin’s Church at Wangen/Allgäu, South Germany, where he directed a richly varied musical program. In 1985, he performed the complete works by J.S. Bach in 14 recitals.

From 2001 till 2004, Guggenmos worked as organist, sub-conductor and coordinator of music at Munich-Cathedral (Liebfrauendom).

From 2004 till 2023 he was organist at St. Gallen-Cathedral (Switzerland).

Beginning 2023 he received an appointment as artistic director of the International Organ-Festival Augsburg.

His career as a concert organist has taken him to almost all corners of the world: almost every country in Europe, North America, South America, Canada, Iceland, Russia, the Bahamas and various Caribbean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Far East. Special venues took place at Notre Dame-Paris, St. Paul’s London, St. Stephen’s Cathedral-Vienna, the Cathedrals of Sevilla, St. Albans, Trondheim, Frauenkirche Dresden, Hamburg, Como, Bordeaux, Orléans, León, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Zagreb, Uppsala, Zurich, Bruxelles, Messina, Antwerp, San Sebastian, Palma de Mallorca, Szeged, Cologne, Passau, Speyer, Warsaw, Buenos Aires, Riga, Reykjavik, Aosta, San Francisco, Ottawa, Sydney and Melbourne, St. Joseph’s Oratoire-Montreal, Europäische Wochen (Passau), Quincena Musical (San Sebastian), Brucknerfest Linz, Concert-Halls like Essen-Philharmony, Kongesshalle Augsburg, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Stadthalle Heidelberg, Stadthalle Görlitz, Munich-Philharmony, Bratislava-Philharmony, Konzerthaus Dortmund, Liverpool St. Georges-Hall, St. Petersburg-Philharmony, Hong Kong Cultural-Center, Rundfunkhaus Bratislava, Sydney Town-Hall and Wellington Town-Hall.

International reviews attested him „fantastic technique and dazzling musicianship“ (Bernhard Holland-New York Times).
His enormous repertoire includes the complete works of Bach, Franck, Liszt, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Léon Boëllmann, Stehle and Duruflé , the great works of Max Reger; Marcel Duruflé , Olivier Messiaen and countless other important pieces written for this instrument.

For television and broadcasting, he did several recordings in many countries.
Highlights of his CD-recordings took place at the largest organ in Switzerland (Engelberg), St. Gallen Cathedral, the famous Cavaille-Coll Organ at Azcoitia (Spain) and the legendary famous „Hill-Organ“ at Sydney Town-Hall (Australia).